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What Is Containerization?

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Containerization is the use of shipping containers to transport goods using inter-modal transportation systems such as airways, waterways, roads or railroads.

Types of Containers/Crates

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Modern containers are handled using cranes, forklifts, and other machines and tracked by computer. The most common container dimensions are 20 ft., 40 ft., 45 ft., and 53 ft. The main types are:

  • General Cargo
  • Liquid
  • Flat
  • Thermal
  • Gas
  • Dry Cargo

General cargo containers are the most widely used for shipping because they carry a variety of goods and do not require temperature control. Thermal containers, on the other hand, are specifically designed to carry products requiring thermal insulation or refrigeration. An insulated thermal container is mostly used for transporting perishable products like fruits and vegetables while refrigerated containers are used for transporting food items needing cold storage such as meat and fish. Dry ice is often used in insulated containers. Gas containers are specially built to carry liquefied oxygen and other liquefied gases.

Benefits of Containerization

What Is Containerization?

The containers used to transport goods over long distances are designed to make it easy to load, unload, stack, and transport freight. The containerization system was initially developed as a strategy to increase ease of international trade. The system has also helped eliminate manual sorting of cargo. Other benefits include:

  • Eliminates need for intermediate, labour-intensive cargo handling
  • Reduces the risk of damage and theft
  • Increases cost efficiency for packaging material and labour
  • Simplifies shipment tracking

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