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Types of Equipment Moving Trucks

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Some machinery moving companies offer different types of trucks for clients who need to move, relocate, or expand their business. When it comes to choosing the right truck for your needs, consider: (1) the affordability and cost of the truck rental or moving service and (2) the size and weight of your equipment. Most trucks are identified according to size and reflect their weight capacity.


Here are some trucks used to move equipment:


Types of Equipment Moving Trucks


1. Medium-sized: These trucks are able to carry relatively heavy loads despite being only slightly larger than small trucks. Machinery moving companies offer several options under this category, including:

  • Regular box truck. These are medium-sized trucks that usually have a roll-up door at the rear. They are mainly used for transporting home appliances or furniture.
  • Platform truck. Platform trucks are customized with a basket or bucket (also known as a platform) which elevates to an extended line and may go up or down. This allows workers or movers to move items more easily.
  • Flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks can either be “articulated” or “rigid.” These types of trucks have a flat level bed with no roof or sides allowing for easier loading and unloading of goods and equipment. Ideally, these trucks are used for items that are not vulnerable to rain/water damage and should not be used to transport liquids. Flatbed trucks can also be used for items that require more space than box trucks offer.


Types of Equipment Moving Trucks


2. Heavy trucks. For items that are unable to fit in medium trucks, machinery movers may offer a variety of heavy trucks that can carry large equipment and automobiles. Some commonly used heavy trucks include: enclosed, dump, or tractor-trailer trucks which can carry, support, and easily unload large items. One benefit for renting heavy trucks is that they help a business or plant save time and money by reducing the number of trips needed between locations.


Types of Equipment Moving Trucks


3. Heavy-Super tractor/trailers. Heavy-haul tractors or trailers are specifically designed to carry incredibly heavy loads between 40-60 tons. These trucks are mostly used for mining and construction, although they can also be purposed for plant relocation. Duties can include transporting giant transformers, plant parts, large boilers, and engines. These tractors help reduce the possibility of accidents related to the size and weight of the load. During transportation, special permits and/or escorts are required.

When looking for an experienced and reputable machinery mover, learn about the company’s reputation and their previous clients’ satisfaction. Before hiring an industrial mover, look for a company that employs a well-trained team to ensure an effective and safe relocation of your expensive and delicate equipment.

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