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Tips to Prepare Equipment for Machinery Movers

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When it comes to business relocation, company owners bear the responsibility of making sure their equipment and machines are ready for movers to safely handle. After choosing the trucks or trailers you’ll need, get your equipment ready to prevent damage and ensure your next operation is “turnkey” when you arrive. If you are unsure how to start, ask the moving company you hired for advice regarding packing and preparation.


Tips for preparing your equipment:


Tips to Prepare Equipment for Machinery Movers


Review the manual

Some machines may need to be disassembled, then reassembled at the new location. Check manuals for special guidelines. You may need to disconnect batteries, secure loose parts, and wrap protective coverings around levers, knobs, and gauges.

Obtain the necessary permits

Oversized equipment and machines may require special permits. Make sure to obtain these in advance. If you’re hiring an experienced machinery moving company, they’re probably familiar with the paperwork and can take care of it for you.


Tips to Prepare Equipment for Machinery Movers


Remove liquids

This is especially important for equipment that will be transported by flatbed truck. To avoid spillage on the road, remove liquids and store them in tight-sealed containers. You may need another type of truck to transport these items.

Secure vulnerable parts

If a machine has any protruding or movable parts, it’s best to remove or cover them before transport. Vulnerable parts that cannot be removed can be protected with cushioning and clear warning labels.

Take photographs of the equipment

Take photos of your equipment before relocation. This will serve as evidence should your equipment sustain any damage during transport. For equipment and machines that have slight damage before moving, note these flaws and inform your movers beforehand.


Tips to Prepare Equipment for Machinery Movers


Be prepared for pickup and drop-off

You will need an open area at the pickup and dropoff points to load and unload your equipment. You may also require docks, ramps, or cranes.

It is important that companies and plants follow precautions when moving their equipment and machines to a different area. Preventing damage secures your company’s assets and prevents delays for your operation.

Another way to secure your machinery and equipment for relocation is to hire a professional machinery moving company. Since 1982, Ready Machinery & Equipment (Canada) Inc. has helped clients move their machines across borders and oceans. Whether it’s an entire plant or a single machine you’re moving, no job is too big or small. Call us at 1-800-211-2500; you can also request a quote for our services here.

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