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Tips for Hiring Industrial Machinery Movers in Ontario

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Moving machinery is a tough job and requires special attention to execute safely. Relocating your factory and equipment is especially difficult, and protecting your investment requires attention to detail.

Unlike moving mere furniture and staff, moving heavy machinery needs expert teams who specialize in this work. They provide special equipment, more manpower, and experienced movers who are responsible for the safe packing, moving, and setup of your machinery. The following tips can help you hire the right team when moving industrial machinery to or from Ontario, or globally:

Tips for Hiring Industrial Machinery Movers in Ontario

Find the Right Service

1. Ask to get a physical survey for your equipment. An expert is able to point out the sensitivities of your machinery and develop a good plan for the move. Work with a professional machinery moving company to create a schedule for the relocation and discuss the fine details in advance of the move.

2. Heavy machinery will often need to be dismantled, then properly packed, and safely transported to your new location. Make sure the movers are prepared with the appropriate tools and equipment.

3. Electronics and IT equipment should be disconnected when moving, then reconnected when it arrives at its destination.

4. Your movers should be able to provide a professional team necessary for the specific machinery being moved. This includes: electricians, welders, carpenters, and other experts. They can also provide crating services, skates, rigging, hoisting services, cranes, and trucks with the proper size and functions for your needs.

5. Ask if contractor has experience transporting large machinery across land, sea, or air, if you’re moving equipment internationally. Safety regulations must be strictly followed to keep both machines and crew safe during the move. Your movers should be able to thoroughly explain how your equipment will be secured throughout the move.

5. Also, know which insurance applies for certain conditions. If necessary, purchase additional insurance for more expensive equipment.

Tips for Hiring Industrial Machinery Movers in Ontario


Protecting your equipment is paramount to running your business soon after landing at the final destination. Take necessary precautions when moving and hire an experienced team who can make the move safe and efficient. For professional machinery moving, call Ready Machinery Movers at 1-800-211-2500. We serve Canada — and international clients — with an experienced and highly-trained staff.

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