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Tips for Equipment Transportation across Land

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When a company needs their equipment and heavy machinery moved to another location, it’s often wise for them to hire a company who specializes in this type of move. Professionals familiar with the needs of such a move may offer standardized packages describing the moving procedures, and how they comply with national (and international) laws and standards. A client with this information can have more confidence that their equipment is in capable hands.

While industrial moving companies are expected to follow guidelines and procedures to get the machinery safely to its destination, owners must guarantee equipment is functional and in good condition before it can be transported. This is to ensure the moving company is not held responsible for damage that existed prior to the move.

When planning to employ expert machinery movers, make sure they have the necessary transfer equipment. Discuss with potential candidates how your machinery will be transported. Will it be moved across land or sea? Will it require containerization? What are the different options available?


 Tips for Equipment Transportation across Land


  • Create a Checklist

Equipment and heavy machines require extra care during transport. Any unexpected damage during a move could create delays for a business, resulting in loss of capital. Before moving your operation, create a list of all equipment and machines to be transferred. You can customize this table to suit your needs. You can start with:



  Equipment Checklist
Item: Quantity: Notes: (indicate whether item has any scratches, dents, or is in need of repair)



 Tips for Equipment Transportation across Land


  • Safety

For land transport, a detailed itinerary of the transfer including its route, schedule, and date of delivery is necessary. Protective gear (including helmets) must be worn at all times during the move to help keep those nearby safe, especially anyone who is in close proximity of the machines.

Prior to the transfer, drivers are expected to mentally prepare themselves for the journey. Eating a healthy breakfast, avoiding alcohol, and getting a good night’s rest can help them stay alert. They must check their own moving equipment before and after the move as well. Since a business is dependent upon its heavy machinery and it needs special protection, a well-prepared moving vehicle is needed for an effective and safe move.

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