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Simplify Relocating a Manufacturing Facility with a Machinery Moving Service

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One of the most labour intensive parts of relocating a factory is moving all the equipment and have the business operational on the other end. Rather than doing it alone, many business owners choose to rely upon the experience a machinery moving company provides. Here are just a few of the services that ease the move of a manufacturing facility.

Moving and Installation

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Loading the equipment needed to operate a large-scale factory is no easy feat. A machinery moving company can make it simple by loading all equipment and transporting it to the new location using their team and vehicles. They will also set up the machinery at the new place of operation, and have it in working order before they leave the premises.

Welding and Fabricating Services

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While equipment may have fit perfectly in the previous factory, a new building may require custom welding and fabrication work at the new location. A machinery moving company will be able to provide the custom elements required to set up a new factory and get all equipment working smoothly.

Temporary Storage Solutions

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Often, a company will need to store equipment while waiting for the new production facility to be constructed. A machinery moving service can move and store all equipment to a secure facility until it can be moved into place in the new factory. This can save time and money, and make the process of moving a plant much easier to plan.

International Shipping

Simplify Relocating a Manufacturing Facility with a Machinery Moving Service

If a company is moving their operations to a foreign destination, it’s a good idea to find a machinery moving company that can assist with international shipping. They will have the knowledge to crate and pack the equipment properly, so it arrives at its final destination safely and meets all international laws and regulations.

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