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Why You Should Consider a Career in Machinery & Equipment

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The machinery and equipment industry is one of the most promising for future growth. Heavy machinery is continuously being shipped back and forth between continents. Some businesses need their equipment transported to sites in the USA, others around the globe. To successfully move their machinery from one location to another, we need dedicated, trained, and professional movers.

If you’re considering a career in heavy transport services, you’re in for a treat. This exciting and profitable industry is growing and expanding every year.

What Types Of Jobs Are Available?

There are dozens of indispensable roles in the machinery and equipment moving industry. They vary from hands-on moving to office administration. Most require some experience working with specific equipment, if not a special certification. Here are three career avenues in heavy transport services.

  • Class AZ Drivers

Why You Should Consider a Career in Machinery & Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment requires large trucks that can handle the weight. These trucks are some of the most challenging vehicles to drive, which is why you need a special license. To get a job in heavy equipment transportation, consider getting an AZ license. A full Class AZ driver’s license allows you to drive large trucks that use air brakes. You can also drive vehicles pulling double-trailers. There is a high demand for AZ truck drivers, as senior workers retire and millennials pursue careers in other industries. What this means for you is that there are ample job opportunities once you get your license.

One of the biggest perks of being a driver is being able to see the country. You could be driving from Milton to Halifax one week and Toronto to Vancouver next. Yes, the hours may be long, and you need to enjoy driving. This isn’t a career for someone who wants to sit in a cubicle from Monday to Friday entering data into a computer. Truck driving is an exciting, demanding, and high-risk career. Each day looks a little different. Your skills and knowledge are required to ensure the machinery gets transported safely.

  • Rigging Personnel

Why You Should Consider a Career in Machinery & Equipment

Riggers, sometimes called crane operators, are crucial to the safety and efficiency of machinery moving services. Before you can load the equipment on a truck or ship, it needs to be lifted. Rigging personnel are responsible for conducting pre-lifting hazard assessments and meeting safety standards. They conduct sling and rope inspections, understand types of hitches, and read sling capacity charts. Then, they operate the machinery to rig the equipment effectively. This means they need a strong knowledge of crane and hoist signals.

Most rigging personnel have multifaceted skills in the machinery and equipment industry. Many have experience with lift trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. To pursue this career, you’ll need certification in rigging, as well as relevant safety training. Most employers will offer on-the-job training before handing over the keys to the crane. The safety of your colleagues and the machinery is in your hands, so this job can come with stress and pressure. However, hands-on workers will appreciate the variety and challenges of this career.

  • Foreman/Lead Hands

Why You Should Consider a Career in Machinery & Equipment

The foreman is the supervisor and leader of a moving site. They make final decisions, push forward moving plans, and ensure other workers are safe and on-task. Being a foreman is more than merely managing other workers. They’re the middleman between workers and upper management. The foreman must execute tasks given by upper management by delegating roles to the right employees. It’s their job to fully understand the needs and demands of a project and get it done effectively. To be a foreman, you need to work your way up in your career. Start by getting the appropriate licenses and on-the-job experience in various roles.

This career involves interpersonal skills as well as technical experience. You must understand the job you’re asking your fellow workers to do and likely have done it before yourself. Having previous experience is crucial for lead hands. Being a strong leader, personable, and good at problem-solving are also critical.

What Can I Expect In A Machinery And Equipment Career? 

Careers in the machinery and equipment field are often long-lasting and stable. Since there will always be a demand for heavy transport services, there will always be jobs prospects. The room for growth in this field is impressive when compared to office-oriented industries.

You always have the opportunity to pivot into different areas of work based on your experience and further education. Want to shift from being a driver to a rigger? There’s a direct path to do so. It’s common for workers to move vertically over the lifespan of their career.

Why You Should Consider a Career in Machinery & Equipment

The day to day grind varies from role to role in this industry. You can expect each one to be physically demanding, however. It’s common to be around loud equipment, chemicals, and pollutants. You might work in all different types of weather. It’s crucial that equipment moving employees take care of their bodies and be proactive with their health. Luckily, most companies hire workers as employees with some level of health benefits.

You can also expect to be part of a team when working in heavy transport services. Workers rely on each other to make safe and reasonable decisions. There’s a level of trust that can also be found in the police service and the military. Although it’s assumed to be a male-dominated field, women also find successful careers in machinery and equipment.

How Do I Start My Career? 

If you’re interested in starting your career in machinery and equipment, there are a few things to do first. Identify the role you’d like to start in and apply for the related certifications. If you want to be an AZ transport driver, fulfil those license requirements. Likewise, if you want to be a rigger, take the right training to become one. Employers will expect you to have the basic certifications, if not some on-the-job experience.

Why You Should Consider a Career in Machinery & Equipment

Once you’re certified, look for open positions in different companies. Generally, great jobs are found in companies that value their employees. Take note of how the application questions are written and how you’re treated in the interview. There should be questions and testing on your knowledge of safety protocol as well as technical knowledge. Be honest with your level of experience and show your willingness to get your hands dirty. Even though this isn’t a customer service position, having a friendly and professional personality will help you land the job.

Ready Machinery is one of the top heavy transport services in Canada. We’re currently hiring AZ drivers, rigging personnel, and foremen/lead hands. If you’re interested in pursuing or furthering your career in machinery and equipment, consider applying here. You can also request more information by calling the office: 1-800-211-2500.

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