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Tips for Shipping Heavy Machinery Overseas

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Shipping large and bulky machinery is often a complicated process that involves careful planning, attention to detail, and the skills of professional movers. Companies looking to ship heavy machinery internationally should know the details of this kind of move. Understanding the entire process provides peace of mind. Whether you are shipping assembly line machines, industrial robots, or large vehicles, you want your investment to arrive in pristine condition. Hiring a heavy machinery moving company with experience in packaging and shipping large equipment is the most effective way to achieve successful outcomes and prevent work stoppage.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shipping heavy machinery overseas:

  • Hire heavy equipment moving specialists – Working with experienced heavy machinery movers can help prevent potential delays, unexpected cost, and other impediments. Before making any final decisions on which moving contractor to choose, ask questions. Professional movers can provide you with honest answers, handle all export and import paperwork, and work with a reliable freight forwarder.What Is Containerization?
  • Check export and import requirements – Before shipping your equipment, contact the customs authority to check the export and import requirements to know if your machinery is allowed under their permit. Also, inquire if you need to comply with the cleaning and quarantine requirement. Some countries will deny entry to equipment that could potentially host foreign pests. Hire a professional equipment cleaner to meet the required environmental and safety regulations.
  • Learn what duties and taxes apply – The duties and taxes paid for the shipment depend on the location where you are exporting or importing your heavy machinery.
  • Measure your heavy machinery – Getting an exact measurement and weight of your machinery can help get value for your shipment. Providing the freight forwarder with accurate specifications for your machines is also a way to negotiate the best shipping rates and save you from possible regulatory trouble. It is sometimes recommended to disassemble large equipment to better fit some containers.
  • Check the validity of the shipping contract – Shipping heavy equipment internationally involves a complicated process. Movers must meet international shipping standards and be keen on details to avoid problems. This is why the services of a professional heavy machinery mover are needed to avoid costly mistakes.

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