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Safely Move Heavy Equipment with Transportation Tips

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Planning and logistics are the key to safe transportation of heavy equipment in Ontario. Weighty, oversized loads present unique transportation challenges that may require multiple transportation methods to surmount. Follow these tips to safely transport heavy machinery without incident.

Transportation Planning Tips

Safely Move Heavy Equipment with Transportation Tips

  1. Learn about safe heavy machinery transportation by consulting with a transportation specialist.
  2. Plan well in advance of the move. Consider renting vs. buying moving equipment and transportation methods – truck, train, marine (or a combination of these), choose appropriate vehicle type; etc.
  3. Consider special requirements and hazards (e.g. chemicals transported with or in the structure of the vehicle).
  4. Properly secure the vehicle using restraints designed specifically for that purpose.
  5. Map the transportation route. The shortest route may not be the best choice if it adds to legal difficulties.
  6. Research the legal requirements of transporting the vehicle in all jurisdictions it must pass through. Adhere to all legal requirements.
  7. Hire or assign appropriate escorts and escort vehicles.
  8. Secure the proper permits.
  9. Consider using a heavy haulage or heavy machinery transportation service. You’ll save yourself stress and ensure use of the proper equipment with specially-trained drivers.

Transporting load

Safe transportation of your heavy machinery in Ontario means more than the equipment arriving in good working order. It means it safely passes through each town, city, municipality, or province. It ensures the safety of others on the road, including your transportation team.

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