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Protect Machinery for Overseas Shipping

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High-value machinery needs to be protected during overseas shipping. There are various methods to pack the shipment and withstand the rough conditions encountered during long transits. Extra measures (such as rust protection) are good options so everything arrives in good shape on the other end. The experts at Ready Machinery and Equipment can best assist so overseas shipping is no problem. Take a quick look at some of the techniques used to protect machinery for overseas travel:

Moisture Barriers

Some of the useful methods to combat salty sea air and rough waters are vacuum packaging, vapour barrier bagging, and waterproofing. Moisture in the air can damage machinery in transit. There have been a number of cases were expensive loads were either not salvageable or costly to repair upon arrival. Wrapping everything up in a tight vapour barrier is essential.

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Vibration Control

There are other crating measures to keep contents pristine. Anything sensitive to vibration needs a cushioned ride to counteract this damage-inducing physics problem. Cushioned crates keep everything tight inside and resist shock. Floating bases are another crate variation which provide the same protection. Experts can build a custom crate that conforms to the unique dimensions and properties of sensitive, specialized machinery.

Extra Cushioning/Rust Protection

The inside of the crate can be outfitted with foam of various sizes and densities so everything will be held firmly. Polyethylene foam and Polyurethane foam are two great options, and companies around the globe ship products daily with these materials. Finally, the presence of rust catalysts and fluctuations in temperature are additional hazards. There are many types of rust preventative packaging: VCI paper, film, or poly bags. Also, some modern rust prevention coatings might be used to ensure everything stays in top shape.

Ready Machinery and Equipment has the staff and the knowledge to best protect your assets from the problems inherent in overseas shipping. Give us a call at 1-800-211-2500 or email today so that we can discuss your unique situation and design a plan to guard your machinery during an overseas transport.

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