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Installation of Two 500 KW Generators 400ft on the Roof Top of 777 Bay Street, Toronto.


1. Unable to use a Helicopter due to the location being so close to Sick Kids Hospital and potential interference with any emergency requirements for the Helipad.

2. To use a Mobile Crane causes further economical constraints and potential safety issues. Road closures in downtown Toronto, permits, additional traffic control, having a large crane being set up on Bay Street, safety concerns with the underground parking and the local underground stores.

The Solution:

1. To work with our Partner to design, fabricate and install a roof top gantry derrick. This would have to be attached directly to the building structure, this would have to have a chain drop of over 400ft, design Safety scaffolding/platform to be built around the work area, a gantry system be erected on the Roof top directly for the assembly of the generator components, to add safety wheel to certain components due to their size to project the side of the building

Timing & Conditions:

1. The project took place during December 2019, the weather conditions were always being monitored. The lift plan was designed based on a wind threshold this was constantly monitored.

2. The lifts took place over two long Saturdays, not the ideal timing but one that turned into a

Check photos below.