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John Stockham

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John joined the Ready Machinery team approximately 2 years ago to bring his experience.

John is a full (Certified Millwright) and has been working in the industrial sector for approximately 36 years. For the past 15 years John has applied his knowledge and experience in the estimating world. The areas of industry John has covered are Recycling, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Machine Tool (Wood Working) Heavy steel fabrication, brake industry, aluminum injection moulding, powder metal forming, Pharmaceutical and high-rise rigging of chillers heat exchangers, boilers and more recently in the Machine Rebuild arena.

John works on the straight forward one-day jobs to the more complex multi-trade long term duration projects. He has also worked in the USA, Ontario and Quebec.

John is adept at adapting to the changing technology and customer demands within their respective industries. He is a great believer in pre-planning for any size work in order to mitigate the potential headaches no planning creates.

John looks forward to providing the solution to a client’s request.

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