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Tom Southcott

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James (Tom) Southcott started with Ready Machinery at a very young age as this was a family business. Approximately 38 years ago Tom and his brother Tim became the prime owners of Ready Machinery& Equipment (Canada) Inc.

Tom, while leading the Ready Team, has travelled and worked for customers from Southern Ontario, to the USA and Mexico. The duration of jobs ranging from a single day to Multiple weeks. The type of work completed required the smallest of equipment to lifting 450 tons, to handling specialty delicate items.

Tom has spent his entire adult life dedicated to this company and this industry and his enthusiasm, vision and people skills has allowed him to rise a leader. With Tom’s leadership Ready is considered the “go-to” for most heavy installations in our area and our ability is proudly displayed at www.readymachinery.com.

Tom’s wife Tamara, of over 25 years, continues to be an integral part of the Ready Team has also played a major role in the development and daily operations of the Company.

Tom has 2 daughters, Rebecca and Tara, whom he considers to be among the finest people on the planet. Tom is a life-long musician, an avid golfer, a motorcycle enthusiast and a very proud Canadian.

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