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Best Practices and Maintenance Tips for Hydraulics

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Heavy machinery is an essential, but delicate, part of many industries. Making sure to follow rules/laws, maintenance procedures, and safety policies is important to keep equipment up and running. Is your maintenance procedure the best for your machine?

Handing hydraulic machinery properly can extend its life and keep it running optimally. Here are a few basic tips:

Best Practices and Maintenance Tips for Hydraulics


  • Inspect hydraulic hoses whenever servicing a hydraulic system.
  • Replace or repair any hoses with signs of  damage or leakage (shut down or lock any system that needs replacing).
  • Bleed pressure from the unit, and drain the oil from the damaged hose.
  • Check that the new hose is not chafing on anything.
  • Ensure that the connections are tight, but don’t over-tighten them.


  • Fill oil level in reservoir to the level indicated on the gauge.
  • Retract the cylinders when filling the reservoir, or else the oil will be pressurized or overflow.
  • Keep in mind the viscosity of the oil. The wrong viscosity will result in component failure and lubrication damage, and increases power consumption.

Best Practices and Maintenance Tips for Hydraulics


  • Make sure the temperature is adjusted to your
    oil and hydraulic components (proper lubrication is essential).
  • Temperatures that exceed 82 degrees Celsius will damage seals and compounds, shortening the oil’s lifespan.

Filters (Understand the best time to change filters)

  • Changing filters before their full capacity is used is a waste. Changing them too late reduces the service life of the entire hydraulic system.
  • The best time to replace filters is when the capacity is used, but before the bypass valve opens.
  • Monitoring the pressure drop across the filter prevents clogging.

Best Practices and Maintenance Tips for Hydraulics

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