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How to Pack and Ship Machinery Securely

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Heavy equipment and machinery require special handling and shipping due to their size and weight. Providing the freight carrier with accurate dimensions and weight offers safer and more secure transport, as well as determines the correct vehicle for transportation. However, the details of shipping your assets can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to find a reliable and well-experienced contractor that provides safe machinery packing and shipping services, including:

heavy equipment and machinery

  • Rust Proofing – Shipping can expose your machinery to salt air, which increases the risk of corrosion. The chloride in sea spray and dry salt particles carried by the air can contribute to the corrosion of stainless steel. Rust proofing is an effective way to delay or permanently prevent the corrosion of heavy metal equipment and machines. The different types of rust proofing include:
    • Galvanization – adds a protective layer of Zinc to protect the metal
    • Painting and Coating of the Metal – uses certain types of paints and coats to cover and isolate metal from oxygen and water.
    • Plating – uses Tin or Zinc-based metals to protect the metal and isolate it from corrosive elements.
    • protecting the metal
  • Shrink Wrapping – Harsh weather conditions can severely damage or even destroy machinery during the transportation and shipping process. When it comes to shipping, it’s vital to shrink wrap the machines to prevent exposure to corrosive damage. This wrap is made of specialized plastic that seals in clean, treated air and seals out damaging salt air, creating a custom plastic shipping container.
    shrink wrapping
  • ContainerizationInternational shipments require greater care and protection than domestic shipments. As an important factor in the global trade industry, containerization protects the shipment inside the container from humidity and extreme freezing temperature. The benefits of containerization include:
    • Reduced loss and damage cost
    • Lower transportation and warehouse cost due to easy storage and transportation of containers
    • Can be used to temporarily store your equipment
  • Rail Car Tie Down – If you are planning to ship heavy equipment by rail, you need to comply with the government mandated transport regulations. Using rail car tie downs help secure your equipment and machinery to railcars until they arrive to their destination.
  • Break Bulk Services – Heavy equipment and machines are considered break bulk cargoes because they do not fit into standard shipping containers. Break bulk is a cost-effective option to ship large cargo if you do not want to dismantle the machine. Upon the arrival of the shipment at its destination, it’s ready to be dispatched quickly and conveniently.

If you require safe delivery of your heavy equipment and machinery across the country, find a professional contractor that offers heavy transport services in the GTA and surrounding regions. Call Ready Machinery Movers at 1-800-211-2500 to request a quote or use our contact form to send us your inquiries.

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