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How to Avoid Machinery Moving Scams

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There is a lot of stress that comes with moving heavy equipment and machinery. If you are relocating your company, choosing a reliable moving service that specializes in transporting heavy machinery is crucial. While hiring a machinery moving contractor eases the burden of relocation, there are movers who may try to take advantage of you, especially during the peak of your stress.

Here are several common moving scammers that you may need to be aware of:

  • The Hostage Load – Larger machinery can be extremely heavy, and moving/transporting it can take up a lot of time and energy. Some companies will refuse to unload machinery without charging an extra fee.
  • The No-Show – This can often occur if a moving contractor demands an initial deposit for their services, usually in cash. After you make a payment upfront, these scammers tend not to show up on the scheduled moving day.
  • The Escape Artist – These phony moving companies will load your machines and drive away with your equipment. Out of all of the scammers, they can be the most problematic. This is because they will steal your assets with little to no possibility of recovering them.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Once you decide to hire a professional machinery mover, it’s important to check the history and reliability of the company before making any payments. Now that you are aware of the most common types of moving company scammers, here are the biggest warning signs that you are being scammed:

  • Not Answering Your Questions – A reputable company will be happy to provide their clients with direct and honest answers. This will prevent any unexpected problems during the moving process. However, if the company holds back information about their claim filing process or insurance policies, this could be a red flag.
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  • No Quotes or Estimates – A moving company that refuses to give you a quote for their services is another red flag. A reliable moving contractor will take a thorough inventory of your machinery in order to get an accurate quote. If they fail to do these things, they may expecting you to underestimate your needs. This gives them an excuse to raise the price without documenting it on moving day.
  • Do Not Have Their Own Trucks and Moving Tools – Professional machinery movers have their own fleet of trucks and tools to efficiently move heavy machinery over distance. Many fly-by-night movers tend to use unmarked trucks or U-hauls. Once your equipment is loaded into an unmarked truck, it can be difficult to track the truck down.

To prevent moving scams, research the company that you’re interested in hiring. Visit online forums about machinery movers, reading the customer reviews on Google or other reliable search engines. You can also look the company up on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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