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Heavy Equipment and Their Uses

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Using the right tool for the right job is important for safety and efficiency, but sometimes a little information is needed to make that determination. When it comes to big jobs, knowing the purpose of heavy equipment can be useful.

1. Construction

Construction is a term used for a wide range of projects, including laying the foundation of a building and demolition. Because of varied industry tasks, many forms of machinery are used. A few types of equipment would include cranes, dump trucks, and the ever-useful bulldozer.

Heavy Equipment and Their Uses

2. Farming

Most farming equipment is applied to an agricultural purpose, and is specialized for the task. Some common heavy machinery used for farming are tractors, harvesters, combines, rakes, and off-road vehicles.

3. Forestry

Land clearing is performed for forestry work and construction and requires another specialized set of tools. Machines such as knuckle boom loaders, wood chippers, and loaders are used not only to fell trees, but to create usable pieces of wood for other projects.

4. Material Handling

Forklifts are one of the most common pieces of machinery used in material handling. Some forklifts are made only for warehouse use. Material to be handled is outside requires a forklift designed for outdoor terrain.

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5. Transportation

One of the most recognizable pieces of transportation equipment is the dump truck. Dump trucks have a tilting bed that dumps the cargo onto a designated spot. Another common vehicle is the semi truck, which carries more cargo but cannot handle the same kind of terrain as a dump truck.

6. Grounds Care

Though groundskeeping seems to have certain commonalities with forestry or construction, the equipment is of a smaller scale. Regularly used machines are riding lawn mowers, push mowers, and “weed whackers.”

Heavy Equipment and Their Uses

Sometimes large pieces of machinery need to be transported, which is easier said than done. A bulldozer, for example, cannot be driven from one worksite to another. It has to be properly and carefully transported. We can carry the load and convey your heavy equipment to any global destination. For more information, call Ready Machinery & Equipment at 1-800-211-2500.

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