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Expand Your Business with Professional Industrial Movers

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Certain businesses that thrive in one location often make the choice to expand their production to other areas. Depending upon their needs at their current site and those of the expanded one, they may choose to move some equipment from one location to another. Expansion almost always involves various expenses like securing new equipment, shipping raw materials, plus the delivery and setup cost for the production machinery.

One cost where companies should invest wisely is when they’re hiring the services of a professional moving company. Unlike amateur movers who claim to get the job done at a bargain, a professional moving company can safely and efficiently move important machinery (and other items) and comply with industry standards.

If you are interested in hiring an industrial moving company, here are some factors to consider:


Expand Your Business with Professional Industrial Movers


1. Equipment used. Industrial moving companies handle your property securely use reliable equipment that is efficient and safe. Some of this equipment aids in packaging, containerization, and transfer of machinery (or other items) to a new business location.

2. Staff and experience. A company’s team reflects their values and mission by providing reliable service. For Canadian movers, a list of good practice guidelines have been created to assist businesses in selecting reputable, ethical, and professional movers.

3. Comparison of standards. The Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers can help you determine which of the following standards are well-established by an industrial mover you’re considering hiring. Here are a few of those guidelines:


Expand Your Business with Professional Industrial Movers


  • Company has a comprehensive document or pamphlet stating both customer and mover rights and responsibilities, liability for loss and damage (and limitations), and optional programs available.
  • Mover is able to provide a written estimate of costs related to the shipment and all services requested by the customer. This is signed by both a company representative and the customer.
  • Provides clear documentation of items (with descriptions and quantity), shipment costs, delivery schedule, expected date of arrival, along with an acknowledgement to contact customers for any potential delay or damages.


Expand Your Business with Professional Industrial Movers


4. Customer service. First impressions matter, especially in a service industry where the customer is entrusting their business setup to others. Evaluate the moving company’s attention to detail and customer and client reviews. Research their experiences and read their evaluations of the moving company’s skill and level of professionalism.

Business expansion may be costly but it can be rewarding. Protect your property by hiring a professional industrial movers in Canada from Ready Machinery & Equipment Inc. We treat your goods and equipment with the utmost care, and can help with setup on the other end. Call us at 1-800-211-2500.

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