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Equipment that Speeds up Moving Heavy Machinery

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Transporting heavy machinery often involves several challenges, including the size and weight of most industrial machines. When handling and moving heavy loads, make sure to work smarter, not harder. This includes using the right equipment to lift and transfer bulky machines to a new location.

Here is the equipment used to speed up transport of heavy machinery:

  • Forklift – Forklifts are often used to lift and support heavy objects over short distances. They use a hydraulic lifting mechanism and fork to move equipment around warehouses, factories, and storage yards. In a normal warehouse setting, most forklifts have a lifting power of one to five tons.
  • Roller Skids – This moving tool is designed to be bolted to heavy equipment. A forklift or toe jack must be used to lift the equipment and attach the roller skids into place.
  • Heavy Tractor – Tractors have large and powerful machines designed to pull large and bulky materials.
  • Hydraulic Trailer – This equipment is designed for safer, easier, and more efficient deliveries. It raises and lowers machinery to any level, including ground height. This eliminates the use of dangerous slanted ramp boards and delivers machines without double handling.
  • Hydraulic Gantry System – Hydraulic gantries are used in several industries to efficiently lift and position heavy equipment when traditional cranes are not an option. It is a safe, cost-effective solution for rigging applications.

Safety Measures When Using Heavy Lifting Equipment

Although heavy lifting equipment speeds up the moving process, it can be the cause of several injuries and fatalities. This is often because of improper use. To prevent machine-related injuries, here are some safety measures:

  • Equipment Maintenance – Regular machine checkup is a great way to ensure proper function and operation. A thorough inspection should be performed every six months.
  • Proper Training – All operators using lifting equipment should undergo specialized training and take safety precautions to ensure safety onsite.
  • Load Capacity – When using lifting equipment, be aware of the load limit. It is highly important that the load does not exceed its limit. This prevents equipment damage and any other possible accidents in the lifting area.
  • Open Communication – Operators transferring heavy structures need to constantly communicate with other people on site. It’s recommended to use a two-way radio with other workers to keep workflow as smooth as possible.

Why Hire Professional Movers

twin lift

Twinlift rigged to an engineered tailing frame designed by Ready Machinery for compacting press erection.Moving heavy machinery is a task best left to professional movers. Without the use of a professional service, you can potentially incur costs of hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage, or sustain a significant injury. Using an expert team is a wise investment.

Ready Machinery Movers has a professional crew who use well-maintained and specialized moving equipment for successful machinery transport in the GTA. Call us at 1-800-211-2500 for more information.


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