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What to Consider When Using Export Packaging

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Overseas shipping methods require movers to follow a set of standards to keep items secure during transport. This is especially true for businesses serving clients from other countries, and must abide by their regulations. If you’re looking to ship your equipment or other items to another location, consider how everything is packaged. Confirm it all meets the established standards.


Before selecting your packaging methods, here are a few factors to consider:


What to Consider When Using Export Packaging


  • Protection

The main purpose of export packaging is to avoid damage to your goods. Containers and pallets can add extra protection for your cargo.

  • Security

Aside from damage, extra measures are necessary to prevent products from being tampered with or stolen. Some moving companies provide containerization services using seals to lessen the likelihood of tampering. Some also offer shrink-wrapping and secure straps for additional protective measures.


What to Consider When Using Export Packaging


  • Mode of transport

Certain bulk shipments delivered via a body of water may have different requirements than those delivered by air. Goods delivered by ship will take longer to transport and are potentially exposed to different elements.

  • Cost

Various shipping and moving companies offer average, basic packaging for delivery. However, items requiring special care may necessitate additional services. Some businesses may opt to save money by selecting sub-standard delivery options. This usually does more harm than good because it increases the risk of damage and tampering. Cost-effective solutions like buying, leasing, or purchasing special packaging (pallets, containers, or shrinkwrap) is a worthwhile investment.


What to Consider When Using Export Packaging


  • Waste legislation

Some markets overseas have waste regulations that favour recyclable packaging because of its reduced impact on the environment. In some areas, items delivered in wooden crates are prohibited due to the risk of spreading pests (like insects) and wood-borne diseases.

When deciding how you’d like to export your items overseas, packaging is a major consideration. Whomever you hire to package and/or ship your equipment and goods must be familiar with the various international regulations. The company must understand proper use of pallets, containers, and secure cords. Watertight containers are also helpful for keeping goods dry and safe during shipment.

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