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Avoid Rust While Shipping Valuable Equipment

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Most shipping cases for important equipment and machinery are made of metal. Rust (a chemical process that occurs when there is an amalgam of oxygen, iron, and moisture) can be destructive to equipment and cause loss of equipment and financial loss. These extra expenses can be avoided if the right efforts are made. Rust can be avoided by following the tips below:

1. Avoid Rust Opportunity

Before shipping, take away the opportunity for moisture, oxygen, and iron to combine around your equipment. Use a checklist; scan the environment where the items will be housed and detect the presence of oxygen and moisture. Talk to your shippers about the best way to protect your machinery and equipment.

2. Choose Packaging that Absorb/Resists Moisture

rust proofingConsider packaging that will protect certain components of the equipment and compensate for weather and environment. Choose materials that absorb moisture (like polythene bags and VCI bags). These protective measures reduce the opportunity for a chemical reaction to take place.

3. Separate Materials that Accelerate Rust

According to research conducted by Leinberger, most equipment does not rust during transportation. Rust occurs as the equipment awaits loading and offloading. It is therefore essential that the responsible parties isolate any equipment prone to rust and get them into dry space as quickly as possible.

Avoid rust damage during an equipment move by taking preventative measures. Ready Machinery Movers knows what to do; call us today at 1-800-211-2500.

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